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I was searching around for an SSH client that can be used across standard web ports. I found several options including AjaxTerm and AnyTerm, but I liked the responsiveness of Shellinabox best. It comes with standard 128-bit encryption. Using proxies, you can get Apache to forward a request to shellinabox and serve up web terminals with ease. Shellinabox is available here with private repositories here.

Setup was striaght-forward. You can grab a precompiled binary release from the repository and simply install it. On debian or Unbuntu systems that would be:

By default, it runs a secure server on port 4200. Both those options can be changed in the config file located in /etc/init.d/shellinabox. Change these values if desired:

Note: I have SSL disabled here in this config.

In order to have Apache push requests along, we can use ProxyPass. To setup the Apache end of things, we need a few additional modules. Fortunately on Ubuntu-based servers, you don’t need to recompile everything:

Install Apache Proxy if needed:

This should install proxy_http and proxy.

Add these to an Apache configuration:

And restart things:

Again, for this setup, I turned off Apache’s SSL as the server was not configured with it. I don’t recommend running shellinabox completely unsecured, but it still makes for a great web-based tool.

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