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By way of PHP frameworks, there are several, several out there. Google trend provides at least some idea about what the general usage would be between them. Despite not as much activity in the tutorial area or forums, Codeigniter seems to hold. If not for any other purpose than to learn how to code into scaffolding and framework, it was worth it to give it a try.

Codeigniter is a light-weight PHP framework. It’s open-source and is provided by EllisLab which is a gateway product for their commercial product, expression engine, which is a web hosting service. If anything, being attached to a commercial company has kept the framework alive. Codeigniter excels at knocking out ideas quickly by getting the bare bones of a custom site together. Although the documentation is very accessible, there doesn’t seem to be too many community driven modules and plugins. Out of the box, there is support for basic features like sessions, and database. However, fundamental features, like a user login system, are completely left to the programmer. Luckily there are a few fully-featured login modules available out there.

Simple Login Secure

Simple Login Secure provides a–yes, very simple–means of user login for Codeigniter. Consisting of a single SQL table and a single class with three functions: create, login, and logout. With an implementation of phpass, I couldn’t help but think there will certainly need to be more once a site got underway. After some more searching, I found Tank Auth.

Tank Auth

Ilya Konyukhov built Tank Auth–a nearly fully-featured login for codeigniter. The install is a bit convoluted requiring a multiplicity of files spread over the entirety fo the Codeigniter codebase, but with some additional install complexity comes captcha, phpass, full saving of sessions into the database, precut forms, email activation, and enough options to get the first good pass for login design. After pulling in the install, I found myself still needing to tweak and modify the core files–something that will certainly become unmaintainable if used long-term when upgrading. By any accounts, tank auth provides enough features without getting too much in the way.

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