Presently Inspired

If you ever find yourself in front of a group of people and are in need of inspiring them to see through the immediate arduous tasks, it may make sense not to even talk about it.

No Benefit of the Present

The human mind has a wonderful capacity to forget the hardship of times past but boundless energy to fixate on present problems.  This helps us learn from past dangerous events and save ourselves from immediate threats.  Without the benefit of reflection, we are often overwhelmed by present experiences to be able to clearly make decisions.  If the immediate task is daunting, it is already perceptually insurmountable–so relating the details of what is needed is impractical and unhelpful.  When inspiring and seeking inspiration, it may not help to review the present circumstances and certainly if called upon to inspire larger groups of people, the last thing anyone wants is be reminded about how dire present circumstances really are.

Drawing from the Past

To bring together the group and inspire action, drawing upon past experiences and reviewing how far the group or the technology has come is important.  A psychological reminder of hurdles overcome and how far things have extended to date gives opportunity for reflection and ties the current work into a story with forward momentum.  Previous accomplishments were waypoints along the way to something bigger bringing the group and effort to where we are today.

Inspiring from the Future

Start-ups do not have a past in aggregate, it can only reflect on the previous experiences of individuals.  That is why the vision is so paramount.  A good vision and direction can inspire and help lift the sights to the great goals.  Take inspiration in the future prospects, the lofty goals, the overall vision for the endeavor.  Strong visionaries have been known to carry purely based on their ability to align others to their vision.  The future is idyllic and alluring, something to be attained and worthy of the effort.

Go Inspire

In business or other similar contexts in order to best inspire during difficult circumstances, draw upon previous experiences and share the vision for the future.  Reminders of where things have been and where they are going may be just enough to get to the next milestone or product release.

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