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Let’s face it, ebooks are not catching on and because of their poor reception into the mainstream market. That means there are not a whole lot of software-based readers. I absolutely abhor trans-formatting and dealing with all the terrible ebook formats out there. I prefer to have my content in PDF and neither Adobe PDF Reader or Foxit support the ability to bookmark pages. What I have been looking for is the ability to pull books off of a shelf and open up the same page where I left off. Just like putting a bookmark in your favorite book and continuing on where you left off.

Luckily for you I have done some internet scouring and short of writing my own launcher program, I have found two alternatives. The first is the easy solution:

Adobe Digital Editions

Adobe Digital Editions is an all-in-one solution. You can keep ‘bookshelves’ by loading in PDF content. You can set your own bookmarks or just let Digital Editions open up to the page where you left off. It is written in flash, but as a well-polished, stand-alone program. For the purposes of reading ebooks, especially pdf ebooks–it is perfect.

Download a copy here or from the website.

I would recommend the above program first, but if you prefer to bookmark inside of Adobe Reader, there is another solution:

Adobe PDF Reader Hack

This approach brings bookmarks to the Adobe Reader by patching in some javascript. It works for Windows, Linux, and Mac by adding a bookmark option to the menubar. in It is not hard to implement and worked as a solution for me until I found Adobe Digital Editions. The script came from a book called PDF Hacks. The excerpt is available online here.

Simply download, unzip, and simply drop bookmark_page.js into the javascript directory. The zip file shows where that is for your system.

Download a copy here or from the website.

Javascript Code:

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2 Responses

  1. Oyun says:

    thank you..

  2. abb says:

    this is useful but i edited some code to make it work better:


    /* orgin-code—————————————

    for( ii= 0; ii< data[index][2]; ++ii ) {
    //app.execMenuItem( "NextPage" );



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