OpenGL ES 2.0 Resources

OpenGL ES is a simplified version of OpenGL specifically designed for mobile platforms. It is not surprising that almost any available smart phone comes with 3d acceleration which is used for rendering aspects even where not expected. Despite interfaces and games that generically have 2D visuals will employ some 3D aspects either in buffering, drawing, or rendering in some way. The following are some of the best OpenGL ES quick tutorials available.

OpenGL ES 2.0 for iPhone Tutorial

By far Ray Wenderlich provides some of the best ios tutorials on the web and this one is a full OpenGL ES 2.0 from scratch. It goes through a multi-part example without leaving a step behind. Example code is provided.

DB Interactivity

DB Interactivity provides a three-part article going from the beginnings of OpenGL, to how each of the stages in the OpenGL come together to render to the screen. Short of going out and buying the OpenGL redbook, this is the magazine short article to get the first taste.

About OpenGL ES

Apple’s developer forum is great resource for all things ios development. Their articles tend to be very informative albeit not very instructive when it comes to getting code made. Throughout their guides are a host of example code snippets which are absolutely invaluable.

Getting Started with OpenGL ES 2.0 On The iPhone 3GS

It’s a bit dated, that is in 2009 when iPhone platforms first started supporting 3D capabilities with the 3Gs. Mobile Orchard provides a very, very basic tutorial.

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