One Terabyte of Storage

I was reading up on the HP MediaSmart Server and came across a page that listed various storage metrics. This is after about of week of searching for various NAS solutions. I was moving towards Synology and Buffalo among the top competitors.
Previously my server had a software RAID which silently failed and never reported itself. I’ve been looking for a better solution as I shifted all of my critical data over to external USB which goes through a bash-scripted nightly backup. Linux servers have been my solution, but there are certain areas which can still be improved. The HP finally added on the ability to stream to mobile devices, which just about clinches the deal for me for using Windows Home Server for a media storage machine.

One terabyte of storage =
~18,000 – 10 megapixel digital photos
350 pictures per week for an entire year
~2,800 hours – Windows Media lossless music (may be compressed but no bits dropped)
116 days of unique music
~500 hours – Regular TV shows
Record every baseball game of 1 team for a season
Record every episode of “I Love Lucy” and “M*A*S*H”
~70 hours – HD TV shows
Record 3 one-hour long TV shows for an entire season
Record every football game of one team for a season
From Microsoft Windows Home Server AR presentation.

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