N770 debs

Many of the programs for the N770 can be downloaded directly from the application manager after sources are added. Some .deb installs must be done by hand. It can be hard to find the deb file you need especially if it is simply posted somewhere…well kinda like this. The following are some that I have collected by scouring the web and searching many personal sites:

aircrack – WEP cracker and wifi tool
antiword – MSWord document reader
btaudit – bluetooth tool
docreader – MSWord front end
dsniff – wifi tool and network traffic analyzer
gizmo-project – VoIP program
gmailmon – Gmail notifier
gnuplot – Linux mathematical plotter
iphome – wifi connection info applet
maemo-ftp – ftp client
maemo-taskmanger – process manager
nethack – old school text RPG game
nmap – universal internet scanner
olsrd – ad-hoc wireless mesh routing
puchi – maemo theme modifier
sendip – commandline tool to send IP packets
sobexsrv – bluetooth OBEX server
socat – commandline transfer utility
some-gnu-utils – commandline tools
sudoku – sudoku game
tuner – musical tone generator
UKMP – media program
Vista – improved interface
wirelesstools – commandline wifi tools
xkbdthid – N770 bluetooth keyboard
xtris – tetris clone

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