iPhone Server Control

iphoneAs markets slowly shift from the desktop and laptop space into the mobile and server space, it is becoming increasing needful for handhelds that can interface with servers. Not only should content be delivered from server to handhelds in better and more refined ways, but control should become easier. iPhone has become the defacto handheld and with the advent of third-party applications has cleared the way for unprecedented handheld utility. Two main applications for the iPhone provide full service and control for most of your linuxy home server needs: Wake on Oui and iSSH.

WakeOnOuiWake on Oui – $0.99

Wake on Oui is a simple iPhone app that sends a special packet in order to wake a machine from being fully powered off or from suspension. It is true that there are web pages that can do this for you (like dslreports or wakeonlan.me), but why yield type of control to a third party? The essential feature of this app is that it can use mobile networks. Make sure to enable Wake-On-LAN on the target computer in the bios (usually located under Power -> Resume on LAN).


iSSHiSSH – $3.99

My killer app on my N810 was to have a built-in terminal. In order to control any Linux server, an SSH terminal is absolutely essential. iSSH can handle most all features that you would want to have readily available in a console at your fingertips. Whether it to update, launch scripts, or move files, iSSH brings server maintenance to the palm of your hand. The only downside is that serious work needs a full-keyboard.


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