Christmas Goods!

Nokia N810
After playing with the N770 enough, I have decided to make an investment in the leading model of Nokia’s revolutionary internet tablets: the N810. has some models available for $440–you can certainly find it cheaper especially if you get it used, but some stores that have it around $420 are simply sold out. The main reasons I am going for this model are:

  1. GPS – Devices that just have this feature are around $400
  2. More memory – up to 8gb but only mini and microSD sizes
  3. Slide out keyboard – for emails, im, blogs, you name it
  4. Maemo OS 2008 – sure you can run it on the N800, if you had one…
  5. Full web experience – including AJAX, flash (this means games and videos), and javascript
  6. Hardware – All around boosts in performance

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