Best Technology is No Technology

The best technology is no technology at all.

I mean this in terms of the most effective technology is transparent to the users to the point that it is imperceptible and the best solutions require little to no adoption at all.

But I also mean this in terms of technology being debilitative to the human condition and our interaction with others overall. In cases where technology enables interaction where it could not exist are exempt, but when we trade technology for genuine interaction, we’ve lost something that is masking over the most basic human needs and it may be something that we as a society may never get back.

There has been a not so subtle transformation within the world whereby the proliferation of screens which have taken over most forms of communication and entertainment. We go from countertop devices that present the news in the morning to cell phones within our hands, panels at work which we will stare at all day, then when we finally get home, we sit in front of large glowing TVs. We already have the ultimate screen adoption with Virtual Reality to jump us into fully simulated environments most recently glorified (and critiqued) through books such as Ready Player One.

It’s perhaps laughable, but comes up often enough to give pause. A coworker in the same office is at their desk and another coworker will instant message them in the immediate vincinity or family members texting each other within the same house.

Next time you have opportunity, take personal over digital. Leave your phone at the door. Look up in the bus or elevator. Teach your kids the same and reclaim a bit of our humanity.

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