App Detects Bipolar Disorder

New medical app detects episodes within Bi-polar disorder.

There has been a bevy of new medical and health monitoring applications within the mobile spaces.  Lead by fitness bands and the major smart phone contenders, the next generations of medical data gathering is now within the palms of our hands.

The PRIORI project mentioned by Google IO is testing a new application that listens in on a users phone conversations.  For privacy concernes, the voice is kept encrypted and inaccessible.  The app uses pattern recognition algorithms to detect for mood swings and specifically manic or depressive episodes.

It’s great to see new uses for built-in technologies.  For those that need the monitoring, providing additional information to medical professionals as well as family can certainly do a lot of good.  Although in initial test stages with some sixty volunteers, the app certainly raises some security concerns.  For instance, in the future, will at-risk individuals be routinely screened in this manner with or without consent.  If medical information can be derived from other data sources, how can/will it be used?  Will other health and safety concerns simply override personal privacy?


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